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popular energy drinks. >> vitamin water. >> reporter: even kids' yogurts. the labels grab you, real fruit, full of vitamins, and many of us eat it up. >> it gives the impression it's healthier. >> blueberries in the cereal, that's great. you get everything in one box. >> reporter: but some experts say it's a trick that food companies go a long way to fool you. take special k's fruit and yogurt cereal. look at all those fresh berries on the front. >> when you actually pour the cereal out, this looks like a real berry to me. but it ain't. >> reporter: michael jacobson runs the consumer watchdog group. are there any actual berries in here? >> no berries whatsoever. >> reporter: he says these berry imposters are in a lot of foods. like blueberry eggos. then there's aunt jemima's blueberry pancakes. it claims, made with real blueberries. but there's a catch. >> it has blueberry bits. what is that? it's mostly sugar and soybean oil. and little bits of real blueberry that's been artificially colored. >> reporter: that's right, he said the blue chunks are actually that concoction shaped into ball
there are easier ways to lower energy use and save money on your electric bill. first, set your thermostat to 768 degrees during the day and 60 at night. dressing warmly and lowering that thermostat you can lower 3% per degree that you lower the thermostat below 70 on your heating bill. you'll drop that thing 3%. next change your filters in your machines. this helps maintain the heating system by making sure it is running efficiently and winterize your windows by using weather stripping and caulk. and if you have a question you'd like us to consider, send it to on facebook by searching liz crenshah's consumer watch. >>> how can you donate items like clothing and shoes to those affected by hurricane sandy. can leaving your lights on in a laundry room help those hang drying clothes dry faster. find out the answers at 5:00. we'll see you then. >> i did that this week. >> join me at 5:00. >> the wheels just rolled right over them. >> were those the ones you were supposed to rake, pat. >>> coming up on news 4 at 14:00 the 14-year-old "modern family" actress who was taken from
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2